LED Letters

LED light up letters are a great choice for a variety of different events such as proms, gender reveal parties, weddings and birthday celebrations. They add an element of style and individuality to an event and make it that extra bit enjoyable for those attending. Many people fail to understand the importance of ensuring the venue looks stunning when hosting a party. The appearance of the space will set the mood and enhance the experience for you and your guests. For this reason, at DLT Entertainment we are happy to provide our expertise in event organisation and ensure that your party is a complete success with our beautiful LED light up letters. They can be used to spell out any words or phrases you may wish to have in your party space. They are a great backdrop for all types of events and can even add an element of interactivity with people taking photos in front of them.

Not only do we supply the letters, we also take care of the installation and maintenance of them to ensure that everything runs smoothly throughout the duration of your event.

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